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Organic Macadamia Shop and Orchard

A warm welcome awaits you at Cathedral Cove Macadamias orchard.  An abundance of bird life thrives in this beautiful setting of macadamia, NZ native and fruit trees.  Our delightful goats enjoy pats (they secretly think they are dogs) and the chickens continue to battle it out for who is head of the roost.  The 'artist in residence' - Doug - takes joy in creating orchard sculptures - you never know what you will find round the next corner. Visitors are welcome to wander round the orchard on a self guided tour but we are more than happy to show you a macadamia tree and give an insight into how the orchard works.

Our macadamias are hand picked and Certified Organic. Macadamias are high in fibre & antioxidants; contain vitamins A, B group and E; are high in beneficial mono-unsaturated fats; and are cholesterol free. Macadamias are extremely versatile, more than just a healthy snack.

Come and sample our Macadamia product range

• Macadamia Oil
• Macadamia Dukkah
• Macadamia Crumb Mixes 
• Chocolate Coated Macadamias
• Natural  and Dry Roasted Macadamias
• Macadamia Spread



Our shop is currently closed while we harvest our nuts but you are welcome to visit by appointment - phone us on 07 867 1221. Online purchases are still available at